Curiosity is the driving force in my quest to discover the world. My personal need for questions is masked by the universal want to find answers. Questions are essential for the restless, gives them something to proceed for.

Skye Weinglass


Skye Weinglass was raised and currently resides in Aspen, Colorado. She received her BFA from the University of San Diego where she studied painting and printmaking with a focus in intaglio etching and woodcuts.

After graduating, Skye apprenticed under a master printer, where she helped create hand bound artist books; each book being a collaboration of printmaking artwork and letter pressed poetry. She also studied studio art in Florence, Italy and Guadalajara, Mexico. Skye currently owns an art gallery in Aspen called Skye Gallery, a collection of emerging and established artists who showcase their creations and inspirations that they have collected during flight.

Artist Statement

Skye’s artwork is inspired by the relationship with her journey and the landscape in which it takes place. Each piece represents a physical place and a mental space, an external and an internal landscape. It's about life's limitless potential to explore the depths within ourselves and within the outside world. Her work illustrates a continuous perspective to symbolize that we are all infinite, constantly expanding our perception while gaining inspiration and wisdom along the way.